Universal lead screws are typically used to convert the controlled rotation of stepper motors and servo motors to extremely precise linear displacement. Coupled to commercially available precision slide tables, they permit the user to achieve very high accuracy without requiring special tools, facilities, or procedures.
      Whatever the configuration, each machine designer must fulfill certain mounting and operation requirements. In many environments the mounting requirements are satisfied by simple brackets similar to those below. The main criteria are (1) stiffness and (2) parallelism and colinearity of bearing and clamp bores with slide
mounting planes.lead screws mounting

Universal Mounting Brackets
Universal mounting brackets provide proper support and alignment for the thrust bearing, the nut, and the outboard end bearing (when needed). The lead screw axis and nut clamp are accurately parallel to flat mounting and banking surfaces. The optional motor bracket can be used with the thrust bearing bracket for simple, prealigned motor support.
      Each bracket is supplied separately. Order the thrust bearing bracket with the lead screw to permit factory assembly under ideal conditions. Order the optional motor bracket for factory assembly to the thrust bearing bracket. The nut bracket and outboard bearing bracket are assembled by the user.



Universal precision mounting brackets simplify design and fabrication.
User provides a flat surface and Universal provides built-in mounting accuracy.
1/2 Inch Diameter Screw
Mounting Holes
.185 dia. thru. C'bore for #8 socket head
C.185 dia. thru

All dimensions in inches.

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