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Enclosed, oil filled lead screw cartridges provide simple installation, extreme accuracy, and long life in a wide range of lead screw applications.
      Each cartridge contains a standard 1/2" diameter Universal lead screw assembly, factory installed in a compact aluminum alloy housing. As the screw is rotated, the nut drives the thrust output member parallel to the screw axis. Axial and side arm output configurations permit the cartridge to be mounted in line with or beside the slide.

cartridges assembly lead screw
Totally enclosed axial cartridge is ideal for central mounting between slide ways on slide centerline. Side arm cartridge permits travel to 6" without adding to overall length of slide table.

Two cartridge configurations are available. Each offers specific advantages in its own range of applications.
Output thrust is delivered coaxially with the lead screw via a self-aligning thrust tube that emerges from the end of the housing opposite the input shaft. Supplied in 2", 4", and 6" travel lengths. Thrust tube seal permits operation in any position. An air vent must be provided.
Side Arm
Output thrust is delivered via a rigid arm clamped to the nut and emerging through a window that extends along the top face of the housing. Horizontal, upright mounting only, to retain oil bath. When mounted on the side of a slide table, the overall length, including the motor in most cases, will not exceed the length of the table. Available in 2", 4", and 6" travel lengths.

- all accuracy grades available in 1/2" lead screws can be provided. Self-aligning, self-adjusting nut and thrust member minimize effect of slide errors.

Enclosed Housing - excludes dust and chips, and provides mechanical protection. Precision components are not exposed.

Permanent Alignment - lead screw, nut, and bearings are factory assembled and mounted under ideal conditions, and retested for accuracy after mounting. Alignment is not disturbed when you install the cartridge.

Easy Installation - simply bolt cartridge to flat surface, and clamp or bolt thrust member to the other slide member. Bank against any cartridge edge for alignment. Misalignment with user parts is accommodated without backlash by flexural hinges in thrust member. Optional factory installed motor bracket supports motor in proper alignment with shaft.

Oil Bath Lubrication - constant supply of oil to the nut greatly increases working life.

Increased Stability - oil filled housing acts as a heat sink. Dissipates heat as it is generated, maintains equilibrium with surroundings, and minimizes effects of thermal transients and gradients.

Constant Torque - improved lubrication results in increased efficiency and constant torque over a wide range of rpm.

Optional factory installed motor bracket replaces cartridge end cap. Supports most standard stepper and servo motors in alignment with lead screw. Factory assembly assures correct alignment and sealing integrity
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