cartridge assembly


The Axial Cartridge 


Travel B See specifications for 1/2" lead screws:
Precision Lead Screw Assemblies

2" 2.12
4" 3.44
6" 5.44

The Side Arm Cartridge

  Mounting Holes
.185 dia. thru. C'bore for #8 socket head
C .185 dia. thru
D 8-32 UNC both sides

Oil Reservoir Holes
1/8" NPT. 4 holes. One each side

Bank on any edge.
2. .002" maximum parallel mounting misalignment permitted between travel and thrust member clamp.
3. Use minimum of 4 mounting holes for proper mounting stiffness.
4. For use with optional motor adapter bracket, add 1.85" to left end for NEMA 23 motor size to locate motor mounting surface. Add 1.98" to left end for NEMA 34 motor size to locate motor mounting surface.
5. Travel 2.0", 4.0", or 6.0" axial or side arm configuration.

All dimensions in inches.

Installation is simple and easy. Refer to drawings for dimensions and tolerances. Follow normal practices for handling and installing precision machine components.

1. Provide flat mounting and banking surfaces parallel to direction of travel. Attach cartridge using threaded or through holes, as convenient.

2. The clamp area of the thrust tube or thrust arm must be fully and rigidly supported by the other slide member.

2a. (Axial Cartridge). Clamp the free end of the thrust tube to the other slide member coaxially with the lead screw. Use a split clamp to prevent rotation and transfer the thrust force to the member.

2b. (Side Arm Cartridge). Bolt the thrust arm to a flat surface on other slide member.

3. Mount the motor coaxially with the lead screw, using optional motor bracket or other means.

4. Couple the motor shaft to the lead screw using a precision flexible coupling. Use split clamps to prevent loosening by torque pulses.

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